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  Success Stories (Kanker, Chhattisgarh)

Sh. Narendra Kumar Netam S/o Sh. Hari Ram Netam, A young farmer (education 12th standard) of village Nathia Nawagaon, block and district Kanker, Chhattisgarh started lac cultivation in the year 2007. He has only 4 acres of agricultural land. Previously he has no knowledge about lac cultivation and only knowing that lac is sell at higher price. He got primary information from forest Department Chhattisgarh and trained at IINRG, Ranchi on Scientific Method of lac Cultivation in the year 2006. He has no lac host but after training and motivation he has taken 700 palas and 18 kusum trees on lease basis (half out put basis) and made scientific lac cultivation with adopting all improved techniques of lac cultivation i.e. coupe system, pruning, selection of quality broodlac, phunki removal, spray of fungicide and insecticide. He is also using improved lac cultivation implements. During the year 2007-08 he has produced 7.5 quintal of rangeeni broodlac and 5 quintal sticklac (total worth Rs. 80,000) from 700 palas tree at the same period he has produced 11 quintal of kusmi broodlac (worth Rs.1,20,000) from 18 kusum trees. During the year 2008-09 he has taken lac production from 450 palas and 19 kusum (leased tree). The total production of rangeeni broodlac and sticklac was 5 quintal and 60 kg. respectively (worth Rs.30,000) at the same time he has produced 9 quintal of kusmi broodlac and 2.5 quintal of kusmi sticklac (worth Rs.1,05,000).  

After earning from lac cultivation he has taken 2 acres of land on lease basis for 10 years (@ Rs. 3,000/year) in the year 2007-08 and planted around 2000 Flemingia semialata in 0.5 acres of land and extended the plantation in around 1.5 acres (8,000 plant). During 2008-09 he has sold 16 kg of semialata seed (worth Rs.56,000). He also sold the 25 kg. of scraped lac from 1000 semialata plants. He sells broodlac with the help of Forest Department, Kanker and sell sticklac directly to lac processing unit situated at Kanker. With the earning of lac he has procured land on lease basis, made boring in the field, established semialata plantation etc. He employed around 10 un-employed youth in lac cultivation and provided information on Scientific methods of lac cultivation to them. Sh. Netam is now a source of inspiration to other farmers in that area.

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