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National Institute of Secondary Agriculture
(Formerly Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums
& Indian Lac Research Institute)

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Estd : September 20, 1924

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  Regular Trainings

Training Course


Direct / sponsored


Fee (Rs)


Lac Cultivation

1. Modern methods of lac culture (long term)- Module A

One month;

Sept-Oct or Feb-March

Direct & Sponsored

Un- employed rural youth Intermediate or graduates and nominee of GOs & NGOs

GOs = 10,000/


Unemployed rural youth = 2,500/

Minimum-5 nos. of participants

2. Production, processing and utilisation of lac

One Week

Sponsored by Govt/ Non- Govt

Rural youth, Rural women, farmers, Undergraduates

Rs 1,500/ per participant


The institute may also sponsor limited number of persons from weaker section of the society/ women/physically handicapped  persons with approval from Director without charge. Minimum 10 person in a batch preferably.


Directly on request of farmers

Poor tribal Lac growers

Rs 500/ per participant

Preferably to be accommodated with some on- going batches


3. HRD programme- Trainers training programme on "Advance Technology of lac cultivation & related aspects"


Two weeks

Sponsored by Govt and Non Govt Organization





Officers and Senior staff of Govt / Non Govt  Organization (Graduates onwards),  trainers, extension workers

a) Rs 5000/ per participant







Specialized training programme for trainers

  3 days Rs 2000/ per participant Refresher training programme for those who have already attended training programme earlier

4. HRD Programme on lac cultivation and processing 

One week

Direct/ nominated

Students Undergoing Graduation/ Post graduation

Rs 1500/ per participant

Graduate and postgraduate students from Agriculture and allied Sciences.

5. On-Farm training and education on lac culture

Max. 2 days


Farmers, Rural Women

Rs 200/ per active participant subject to a minimum of Rs 10,000/ per day


Training literature to be provided to the particpants.




6.  On-Farm motivational training and education on lac culture 

1 day

Sponsored / Direct

Farmers/ Rural women

No institutional Charges.


 TA/DA etc for trainers involved to be born by agency.


7.  In- Campus Orientation programme on Natural Resins & Gums

1-2 days

Orientation programme

For all interested persons

No Fee


8. Processing and Application of lac -Module B

15 days

Direct/ Sponsored

Unemployed graduates/ Intermediate

Rs 2000/ per participant

Minimum 5 persons

10 Lac culture processing and application of Lac - Module A & B

45 days

Direct & sponsored

Unemployed graduates and others

Unemployed graduates Rs 3500/ Others Rs 5000/ per participant

Minimum 5 persons

11 Consultancy on lac cultivation

a) Project formulation and technical guidance


Sponsored / Direct


a) 10% of the project cost

2% of the total project cost for preparation of project proposal in advance & rest 8% after approval of the project. Institute will provide technical guidance through out execution of the project.


b)  Consultancy in other respect eg exploring possibility of lac cultivation in newer areas







Total charges = Institutional + Travelling + DA Of Experts + overhead Charges

Depending on case to case and decided by Director after proposal from institute expert and recommendation of HOD-TOT

12. Educational programme Natural Resin & Gums

a) Production/ tapping, processing and applications of Natural Resin and Gums 10 days Direct/ Sponsored Students undergoing graduate course Rs. 1,000 per participant Minimum 15 persons
b) Primary processing, value addition and production/ tapping of Natural Resin and Gums 15 days Direct/ Sponsored Students undergoing Post-graduate course Rs. 1,500 per participant Minimum 15 persons
13. Short term courses: Host tree specific lac production technology, Pest management, Plantation raising, Marketing 2 days Direct/ Sponsored Farmers/ trainers Rs. 300/- per person Minimum 15 persons
14. ( a) Training for BSc Students 1-3 months Summer training BSc -Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/ Botany/ Zoology/ Chemistry/ Life sciences or any other relevant discipline Rs. 5,000/ per participant As per ICAR Guidelines (for non-project work)
4-6 months Project training Rs 10,000/- per participant
b) Project work for MSc students 1-3 months Project training MSc -Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/ Zoology/ Botany/ Life sciences/ Chemistry or any other relevant disciplines Rs. 20,000 per participant As per ICAR Guidelines
4-6 months Project training Rs. 30,000 per participant

15. Refresher Course


3 days


Farmers/trainers, extension workers


Rs. 500/-per person


  Note: Institution/Training/ Consultancy charges of any training programme may be waived off/ subsidized by the Director on the proposal from Head TOT in genuine cases.
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