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  Popular articles
  Following popular articles were published in Agriculture & Food: e-Newsletter, 2019 (ISSN: 2581-8317):
  • Shinde R, Sarkar PK, Thombare N and Naik SK. Soil conservation: Today’s need for sustainable development, 1 (5), 175-183 pp.
  • Shinde R, Sarkar PK and Thombare N. Soil conditioners, 1 (10), 1-5 pp.
  • Lohot VD, Ghosh J, Thamilarasi K, Mohanasundaram A, Rajagopal NN, Thakur VV and Sharma KK. Exploring the utilization potential of Ficus sp. for cultivation of lac insects (Kerria sp.) in India, 1 (12), J-M pp.


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