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National Institute of Secondary Agriculture
(Formerly Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums
& Indian Lac Research Institute)

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  Tender Documents
E-Tender Notice 01/2024-25 (Polishing Items)
E-Tender Notice 02/2024-25 (Purchase of Internet Network Item)
 E-Tender Notice 21/2023-24 (Installation of VRF AC)
 E-Tender Notice 20/2023-24 (Repair of Water Storage Structure)
 E-Tender Notice 19/2023-24 (Refurbishing the Internet Network)
E-Tender Notice 18/2023-24 (Refurbishing the Internet Network)
 E-Tender Notice 17/2023-24 (Installation of VRF AC)
 E-Tender Notice 16/2023-24 (Repair of Water Storage Structure)
 E-Tender Notice 15/2023-24 (C-Frame Laboratory Furniture)
 E-Tender Notice 14/2023-24 (Providing outdoor catering services)
 E-Tender Notice 13/2023-24 (Erection of Pandal for organization of regional agriculture fair)
 E-Tender Notice 12/2023-24 (Erection of Pandal)
 E-Tender Notice 11/2023-24 (Purchase of electrical items)
 E-Tender Notice 10/2023-24 (Purchase of civil items)
 E-Tender Notice 09/2023-24 (Purchase of equipments)
E-Tender Notice 08/2023-24 (Expression of Interest for Design & Execution Agency for various Civil & Electrical Works)
E-Tender Notice 07/2023-24 (Purchase of equipments)
Award of contract for "Outsourcing of Manpower at ICAR-NISA"
Award of contract for "Outsourcing of Security Services at ICAR-NISA"
E-Tender Notice 06/2023-24 (ARC for Hiring of Vehicles)
E-Tender Notice 05/2023-24 (Erection of Pandal on occasion of visit of Her Excellency President of India)
E-Tender Notice 04/2023-24 (ARC of Cleaning & Housekeeping)
 Notice regarding corrigendum to Tender Notice  (Installation of HP VRF AC)
 E-Tender Notice 01/2023-24 (Installation of HP VRF AC)
 E-Tender Notice 2022-23 (Annual Rate Contract for Printing Publication)
 E-Tender Notice 03/2022-23 (ARC for Farm related Activities & Catering Services Staff Canteen)
 E-Tender Notice 2022-23 (Purchase of Real Time PCR Machine & Soxhlet Automatic Fat Analyzer)
 E-Tender Notice 02/2022-23 (ARC for Demonstration/Spray by Drone)
 E-Tender Notice 2022-23 (Purchase of Agri Drone)
 E-Tender Notice 2022-23 (Purchase of Equipments)
 E-Tender Notice 2022-23 (CAMC of EPABX system)
 E-Tender Notice 2022-23 (CAMC of Computer, Peripherals & LAN, ARC for Hiring of Vahicles)
 Notice regarding Tender for "Outsourcing of Security Services"
 Notice regarding Tender for "Outsourcing of Manpower"
 E-Tender Notice 02/2022-23 (Hands on training of lac processing for skill development)
 E-Tender Notice 2022-23 (PCR Machine, ARC for hiring of vehicles)
 E-Tender Notice 01/2022-23 (ARC for demonstration/spray by Drone )
E-Tender Notice 2022-23 (CAMC of Computer, Peripherals)
 E-Tender Notice 2022-23
 कुसमी बीहन लाख की आपूर्ति हेतु सीमित निविदा द्वारा कोटशन आमंत्रण सूचना 
 कुसमी छिली लाख एवं रंगीनी लाख की नीलामी / विक्रय के संबंध में
E-Tender Notice 04/2021-22
 E-Tender Notice 02/2021-22
 E-Tender Notice 03/2021-22
 Tender Notice regarding Kusmi lac
 कुसमी बिहन लाख की आपूर्ति हेतु सीमित निविदा द्वारा कोटेशन आमंत्रण सूचना। 
 E-Tender Notice 01/2021-22
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