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  Mechanization & Process Engineering Division
  • ICAR-IINRG, Ranchi has developed a set of four machines viz. Lac scraper cum crusher, Lac washing machine, Lac Grader and Lac winnower for establishing Small Scale Lac Processing Unit (Capacity-100 kg stick lac day). These machine can be driven manually or with electric motor. Lac is harvested in form of lac stick from which lac is scrapped with the help of a knife and then it is sent to factories in form of sticklac which is the raw material for lac industries. Lac growers sell sticklac immediately after scraping at low prices due to associated storage problems and in need of immediate cash. If sticklac is stored in bags, it forms lump which is difficult to crush during processing. Further lump formation leads to deterioration in quality of lac and proper storage of sticklac requires large space with adequate ventilation. Such facility is not available in lac grower's houses. Seedlac manufactured from sticklac through primary processing at village level can be stored like grains in bags or bin for longer duration without affecting the quality of lac. Application of such technology for primary processing of lac will lead to value addition at village/grower level itself.

  • ICAR-IINRG, Ranchi has developed integrated small scale lac processing unit (capacity-100 kg stick lac/ day) integrating different unit operations i.e. crushing, grading, presoaking and washing in single unit/system. Bucket conveyors have been provided in the unit/system for easy transfer of raw materials in the different units for quick material transfer and minimizing labour requirement. The unit has washing barrel with tilting mechanism for batch washing of crushed sticklac and easy removal of wash water and prepared seedlac. The unit is suitable for up-scaled production of seedlac from sticklac. Seedlac prepared from sticklac through the developed unit (ISSLPU) and quality parameters (i.e. flow, life, acid value and moisture content) of the manufactured seedlac were evaluated and found to be similar compared with seedlac manufactured through available small scale lac processing unit (SSLPU).

  • Pilot plants for Technical & Pure Grade Lac Dye (capacity 4 kg & 1 kg per batch), aleuritic acid (capacity 2 kg/batch) and bleached lac (40 kg/batch) were established. Process of aleuritic acid extraction from lac resin refined and yield increased from 13-14% to 17-18%.. Both the pilot plants are used to impart training to entrepreneurs.

  • A rolling tapping device was developed for guggul tapping from Commiphora wightii.

  • Different storage materials evaluated for lac. Storage in gunny bag is recommended for dried seedlac (less than 4% moisture content). Seedlac should not be stored inside metal container or in plastic bags.

  • Drying characteristics of seedlac determined and a centrifuge developed for removing excess moisture from washed seedlac to reduce the drying time.

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