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  Agriculture Structure & Process Engineering Division (AS&PE)
  • Design and development of equipment and machinery for advanced processing of agri-bio-produce
  • Development of protocols and technologies for complementing downstream processing
  • Development of packaging, storage and transportation technologies for ensuring quality,safety and traceability of processed products

Division building

  The division has scientists from Agricultural Structures and Process Engineering, Farm Machinery & Power, and Mechanical Engineering. Division has small scale lac processing unit, integrated small scale lac processing unit, and pilot plants for lac dye extraction, bleached lac production, aleuritic acid production etc. Division has also created a facility for fabrication of machines, tools and gadgets.

The Project coordinating unit of Network Project on Harvesting, Processing and Value Addition of Natural Resins & Gums functions from this Division. Likewise, Agri-Business Incubation Centre and Institute Technology Management Unit of the Institute are also operated by the Division.

  Available facilities/instruments
  • Small scale lac processing unit (100 kg/day)
  • Pilot plant for bleached lac (40 kg/batch)
  • Pilot plant for aleuritic acid (capacity 2 kg/batch)
  • Pilot plant for lac dye (capacity 4 kg & 1 kg per batch)
  • Hunter colorimeter
  • Texture analyzer
  • Dehumidified dryer
  • Desiccant dryer
  • Vacuum packaging machine
  • Disintegrators for resins and gums
  Major technologies developed
  • Small scale lac processing unit (capacity: 100 kg/day of sticklac)
  • Integrated small scale lac processing unit
  • Improved tapping devices for gums
  • Roller type tapping device for guggul
  Services provided
  • The Division attends to different queries related to lac processing, product development of NRGs, availability of raw materials, machineries, etc. to GOs, NGOs, FPOs, SHGs, entrepreneurs and individual farmers too.
  • Entrepreneurs development on primary processing of lac
  • Entrepreneurs development on production of lac dye, bleached lac and aleuritic acid
  • Incubation centre for entrepreneurs associated with lac processing
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