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  Downstream Agro-Processing Division (DAP)
  • Development of processing, extraction and packaging systems for agri-bio products following good manufacturing practices
  • Development of technology for use of agricultural co-products for enhancing circularity of agri-production system
  • Development of formulations and smart delivery systems for high value agri-bio products

Division building

  The Division has scientists from different disciplines like Agricultural Chemicals and Organic Chemistry. It houses laboratory facilities for synthetic chemistry, organic coatings and product development of natural resins and gums.

The Quality Evaluation Laboratory of IINRG is IS/ISO 9001:2015 accredited laboratory to render services for collection, analysis, testing and reporting of lac and lac based products. The laboratory is engaged in the quality evaluation of lac and lac based products for more than 50 years and resins and gums recently, catering to the requests of lac processing industries including samples meant for export.

The laboratory is equipped with the modern sophisticated instrumentation and has dedicated, experienced and skilled qualified personnel. It offers services to the lac processing industries for quality evaluation of lac and lac based products for domestic as also foreign markets.

  Available facilities/instruments
  • Preparation/testing of surface coating formulation, pan coating unit, fluidized bed coating unit, reaction kettle, etc.
  • Characterization of fine chemicals; Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, CHNS analyzer, Elemental analyzer, FT-IR spectrophotometer, High precision microbalance, Rotary vacuum evaporator, Spray drier etc.
  • Characterization of gums, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Rheometer, Brookfield Viscometer, Freeze Dryer, Particle Size Analyzer, UV Visible spectrophotometer etc.
  Major technologies developed
  • Crack cream based on palas and moringa tannin
  • Lac based water thinnable interior paint
  • Lac based coating formulation for extending shelf life of fruits (kinnow and pomegranate), vegetables (pointed gourd, tomato, capsicum and brinjal), ginger, clayware and paper packaging materials
  • Varnishes: Spirit based varnish (Lac wood shine), non-spirit varnish (MSV 005) for wooden surfaces, lac based insulating varnishes, aqueous lac varnishes for earthenware and bamboo based articles and multipurpose glazing varnish
  • Shellac based dental base plate and gasket shellac cement compound
  • Lac based nail polish
  • Herbal gulal from palas flower
  • Jute-fibre glass plywood/ particle composite sheet
  • Preparation of perfumery compound- isoambrettolide
  • Lac dye based natural alta
  • Aleuritic acid (technical grade) manufacturing with improved yield
  • Lac based sticky insect traps
  • Improved processes for guar gum derivative preparation
  • Hydrogels for agriculture and slow release
  • Dietary fibre from guar gum and gum Arabic
  • Lac wax policosanol - Natural plant growth regulator
  Services provided
  • Entrepreneurship development on lac/ NRG based technologies
  • Testing of the quality of lac and lac products including natural resins and gums
  • Sample testing/ characterization services at common instrument facility of the division
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