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National Institute of Secondary Agriculture
(Formerly Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums
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Estd : September 20, 1924

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  Production & Extension Management Division (PEM)
  • Development of location specific sustainable lac production technologies including farming system approach

  • Integrated nutrient and pest management technology development

  • Developing strategies for on-farm water management to enhance NRG production on a sustainable basis 

  • Dissemination, evaluation and refinement NRG production technologies

  • Capacity building, market intelligence and development of NRG related data bank

  • Establishing linkages with NRG stakeholders at National and International levels

Division building

  The division has scientists from the disciplines of Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Extension, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Land and Water Management Engineering, Agro-forestry and Agricultural Economics for execution of various activities.
  Available facilities
  • Well-furnished Lecture Hall with public address system, digital and multimedia presentation facilities
  • Hostel facilities for trainees
  • NRG museum depicting processing and product development of natural resins and gums including different aspects of lac production, processing, utilization, marketing and export
  Major technologies developed
  • Technology of lac cultivation on Albizia procera
  • Suitable novel insecticides (ethofenprox, indoxacarb, fipronil, spinosad, flubendiamide tec.) for insect-pest management in lac crop
  • Management of insect-pest of lac through broodlac treatment by selective insecticide
  • Lac Integrated Cropping System model for sustained lac production
  • Application of lac mud as organic manure in vegetables and floriculture
  • Protection of Flemingia semialata seeds against pod borer
  • Management of soil fertility for winter season kusmi lac production on ber
  • Hexacanazole and chlorothalonil, fungicides for management of sooty mold in lac cultivation
  Services provided
  Training: The Division organizes different types of training programmes on various aspects of natural resins & gums including lac
  Publicity and Promotional Activities: Number of extension bulletins, pamphlets etc. have been published in different languages and distributed. Two- part video film on scientific lac cultivation and processing in Hindi and English has been made and screened to the trainees in every training programme. The Division also promotes lac by organizing and / or participating in fairs and exhibitions. Linkages have been established with a number of GOs, NGOs, FPOs and SHGs in various lac growing states to support extension activities for lac cultivation.
  Technical Advisory/Information Services: The Division attends to different queries related to lac cultivation to GOs, NGOs, FPOs, SHGs, entrepreneurs and individual farmers too. Monthly advisories through social media, support services like forecast of nymphal emergence, lac crop status, causes of crop failure etc. are provided. "One to One programme" for farmers and entrepreneur is conducted by the division.
  Consultancy Research: The Division also executes need based contract research specially impact analysis of lac cultivation technologies, potential area identification for lac cultivation etc.
  • Sale counter for lac based handicraft and extension booklets on lac
  • Forecasting of nymphal emergence of broodlac
  • Monthly advisories through social media
  • Techniques for nursery raising and planting system for conventional and some promising lac hosts
  • Technique and time of pruning as well as period of rest between two successive crops for sustainability yield
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